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Public Affairs: Make your voice heard in the political process

If you need to influence a political process, it requires thorough preparation, the right strategy and timing and sometimes an active media campaign. At the same time it helps to have a good network and a fair amount of tact. If you want to create good results, let us help you to be heard.

Sensitive and demanding discipline
Public Affairs is a sensitive communications discipline, which requires the highest level of trust and openness between the parties involved. Therefore, we provide thorough, regular reporting so that you. as our client. always know whom we are in dialogue with and how far we are in the process. At the same time, we estimate when it is appropriate to involve the media as part of the overall effort.

Denmark is one of the few Western countries that is unregulated when it comes to lobbying. Even after a tightening of the rules by the EU, the Danish processes are still based on mutual trust. We believe that it requires high ethical standards to work in Public Affairs. Politicians are extremely busy people with a lot of responsibility.

Therefore, we make certain we:

  • identify the individual politicians’ need for information
  • produce and communicate concise, substantial and valuable arguments
  • collect and process documentation so that the materials appear manageable and accessible
  • are available to politicians in need of background information, etc.
  • provide visibility for and media coverage of substantial arguments, cases and documentation.

All work requires a high degree of trust between the parties involved, and an ability to deliver even with very short deadlines.

Your prop(e)r agenda is welcome
Do you have a good case that deserves political attention, or do you want a to be heard in connection with a hearing or a bill? Contact us and convince us that your case is worth fighting for. propr promotes only cases we can vouch for ethically, as well as morally. But when we can, we make sure we get your issues placed high on the political agenda.