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Prices: Quality for money

Quality costs. But despite the fact that we have had a hit rate of 99,5 % in more than six years, and that a senior consultant will always service you, we are able to offer competitive prices. In fact, we are so proud of our prices that we are not afraid to show them. If you primarily use your communication budget on traditional marketing, you will also experience advantages by allocating part of your budget to PR.

You subscribe to our price packages for at least six months at the time. For single projects etc. the hourly rate is 215 euro excl. VAT.

Three price packages and an a la carte menu

Mini Package
2.400 €/mo.

For organizations and businesses with limited PR needs, who want minor mentions up to eight times a year and feedback and help with for e.g. facebook updates, newsletters, brochures and website texts.

Includes 12 consultant hours a month.

Medium Package
3.860 €/mo.

For organizations and businesses with moderate PR needs, who want continuous mentions to some degree, as well as ongoing advice and media handling carried out by experienced communicators.

Includes 20 consultant hours a month.

Full Package
7.500 €/mo.

For organisations and businesses with a desire to have a competent partner for everything – from strategy work to the execution of major PR projects and media training. Additional hours can be purchased at favourable prices.

Includes 40 consultant hours a month.

A la carte menu
Of course, we can tailor make your package to suit your needs and budget, and we also take in individual projects when the time allows us to. Book a meeting and let’s discuss your communication needs.

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