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Cheaper, better and more reliable than marketing

When you buy a newspaper or do a daily check of the online media, is it with the intention of reading the articles or the ads? And which of the two have the greatest credibility: A paid advertisement or an adapted journalistic article? It is hopefully obvious. Press PR is a powerful and valuable tool, and it even has three additional advantages over marketing:


– Press PR is much cheaper than traditional marketing, and while an ad only lasts until the online budget is used up, articles live on, year after year, on the Web and in the archives.

– Press PR creates pride and a sense of belonging among business partners and employees. Often we find clippings and newspaper articles (as opposed to ads) decorating offices and employee cafeterias, and we read highlighted reviews and comments on websites, and in presentations and newsletters.

– Press PR is a catalyst. Articles and features are forwarded and shared by email, Facebook and Twitter, and even create debate and more articles, posts and comments.

If you have the feeling that your company or organization has a wealth of great stories that deserve to be heard, then you are more than welcome to contact us. 

Fifteen years of experience

In propr we have a total of fifteen years of experience in PR, and have worked intensively with all aspects of the trade. We have accumulated experiences as PR consultants, journalists and editors, and can advise on and help with everything from creating a great text and developing the right strategy to establishing long-lasting media relations and carrying out media monitoring, performance measurement and reporting.

If you have a prop(e)r story, we will fight for it, from the first stroke of the pen until the story has found its way into columns, radio and television.

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