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Are you proper enough for propr?

At propr we help proper clients who offer quality products and services that we can vouch for. So, if you are or would like to be a propr client, you work to make the world a better, healthier, more fun, greener or more quality-conscious place.

Before you become a client at propr, we carry out a comprehensive assessment of your brand, the quality of your services and your media history, and we want to meet the person or people who represent your company or organization.

We base our work on the following values:

1. Accountability
It is our responsibility that what we communicate is correct and that it serves you, the media, the citizens and your collaborators’ interests. Previously, many journalists were able to catch factual errors, but today, due to staff cuts and the ever-tougher demands and deadlines of the modern media world, we are often the last filters before the information reaches the public. We are very aware of this responsibility.

2. Trust and credibility
As communicators, we keep a part of your brand in our hands. This is a great vote of confidence, which we do our very best to live up to every day. However, the trust goes both ways. With our name, we vouch for you in our network. Therefore, we must be able to trust that we receive accurate and complete information from you so that we can best serve everyone’s interests.

3. Confidentiality
What you tell us is confidential, of course, unless we agree otherwise. We are your partners, and the more you share with us, the better advice we can give you.

4. Quality
We expect that you as our client demand a lot from us – just as we also expect high standards from you. Your product and your services must be relevant, of good quality and be produced with concern for both employees and consumers; otherwise, we will not vouch for your product. We only want to use our time and passion on projects that make the world a little bit better.

5. Openness
When we address the media, politicians or other stakeholders, we are honest about who we are and whom we work for. This openness ensures strong relationships and a healthy and respectful cooperation between all parties. And we are proud to be propr.

Working for an ethical board for communication
We are represented on the board of DJ Kommunikation. In late April 2013, the Journalists’ union voted in favor of a new joint communication ethics charter. We are now working towards establishing a board for communication ethics.