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Venstre: There is only one Fatma

Date: 14. January 2013 Category: ,

Venstre: There is only one Fatma


To get Fatma Øktem, one of the Danish Liberal Party’s leading candidates, elected into Parliament in 2011. As a new Liberal candidate in the city of Horsens, the knowledge of Fatma, her person and political views was limited among the general public before the election. In 2007 she had run for Parliament without success.


propr’s solution was a massive press campaign – the result of a one-year strategic process with the goal of ensuring that voters got to know Fatma and her political views before and during the election campaign.


A seat in parliament with a record breaking number of votes – three times more than in 2007. Despite the extreme competition for national and regional air time, Fatma got 29 exposures in 14 media during the three weeks of the election, including TV appearances on TV2 News, TV 2 Nyhederne, TV Avisen, Go’Morgen Danmark and Aftenshowet.

– The advice from propr has been deeply professional, and the razor-sharp analyses meant that we were always ahead of the game in terms of press coverage. The decisions we made were always quickly converted into strong press materials and ‘sold’ to the relevant media, which almost always repaid with coverage. propr’s PR work during the campaign meant that my political profile was made more visible and sharp, day by day.

Fatma Øktem, Member of the Parliament and Equality Spokesperson, Venstre