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CARE: Two camels saved christmas sales

Date: 14. January 2013 Category:

CARE: Two camels saved christmas sales


CARE wanted national television coverage of their Web shop in the hope of providing more funds for relief efforts in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Like other humanitarian organizations, CARE sells various necessities for the world’s poor, such as two ducks or a first aid kit. That year, CARE’s new ‘product’ was the possibility of donating camels to poor women in Niger.


Camels as a new gift option became the news hook, since everybody in Denmark was already familiar with the ‘Give a goat’ concept. After having procured two camels – Abu and Ali – and teaming up with the CARE Ambassador Emilia van Hauen, we succeeded in getting CARE a slot on the TV 2 morning show Good Morning Denmark, on a cold morning in Tivoli.


CARE got more than 14 minutes of exposure on TV 2. Two camel-riding presenters and Emilia Van Hauen’s personally experienced stories from Niger created awareness of the cause – and CARE’s Web shop sales were significantly increased.

– We are more than happy with our corporation with propr. From day one, propr has been professional and flexible, and skilfully managed to turn our work into specific, sellable messages, which got us valuable air time on national television.

Sisan Bové, Head of Fundraising, CARE Danmark

Tip: If you ever find yourself in shortage of camels to promote a proper cause, Abu and Ali are available for rental at